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Todays date :   6-14-2011
Full name :   Pauleen Donohue
E-Mail address :
City and State :   PSL, FL
Comments :   Can someone tell me if it is a normal/usual for cardinals to nest twice in one season ... in March a bird couple built a nest = 2 eggs; but only one hatched then I did not see the baby learn to fly ..I think it became part of the food chain they a
Todays date :   4/22/11
Full name :   rick steele
E-Mail address :
City and State :   Traskwood,Ark.
Comments :   Super nice site. Thanks for everthing.
Todays date :   4/16/2011
Full name :   Lorene Ponder
E-Mail address :
City and State :   Richmond Ky 40475
Comments :   This is Janes friend in KY. Hope we This is Janes friend in Ky. Love your pictures.
Todays date :   2/23/11
Full name :   Kory Taylor
E-Mail address :
City and State :   Sebastian,FL
Comments :   It was real nice to speak with you tonight Sunny.
Todays date :   10 may 2010
Name :   ken billington
E-Mail address :
Location :   switzerland
Comments :   Positively impressed by your website. Lets exchange links: Ken Billingtons Bird & Wildlife Photography Photobank of bird & wildlife stock photos, available to send as free e-cards or to purchase as high resolution images.
Todays date :   3/10/2010
Name :   Maryanne Beans
E-Mail address :
Location :   Sebastian
Comments :   It was great to see you last Saturday. Hope you are having a nice day
Todays date :   Dec 07 2009
Name :   Francis Mburu
E-Mail address :
Location :   Vero Beach
Comments :   Thank you Sunny for all the gifts and hours of entertainment at the Park yesterday. God bless you for all you do.
Todays date :   12/05
Name :   Bill
E-Mail address :
Location :   PSL, FL
Comments :   You have been rained out. Maybe tomorrow. But I am a new citizen here. I dont have a clue where Riverview park is or how to get there. I can guess it is North of Vero Beach off US 1
Todays date :   11-9-09
Name :   Sylvia DelPonte
E-Mail address :
Location :   Sebastian
Comments :   Wonderful site, really enjoyed it.
Todays date :   9/6/09
Name :   Carol Wilson
E-mail address :
Location :   Sebastian, FL
Comments :   Great website! Cant wait to explore areas you mention that we havent yet visited
Todays date :   5-3-09
Name :   Jay
E-mail address :
Location :   Seabastian
Comments :   Good morning guys.The site rocks.I may be at the park planting some palms today.seeya.
Todays date :   04/30/09
Name :   Edward O. Olson Jr.
E-mail address :
Location :   Sebastian, Fl
Comments :   
Todays date :   03.20/2009
Name :   Al & Mary Lou Rothfuss
E-mail address :
Location :   Winter Beach
Comments / Questions :   Nice talking to you today at Sebastian UMC Thrift Shop. Great job. Going to tell our daughter in Seattle. she will love this!!!! Al Rothfuss
Todays date :   8/10/08
Name :   Jens Tripson
E-mail address :
Location :   Vero Beach
Comments :   Beautiful photos. Keep up the good work.
Todays date :   7-25-08
Name :   Linda
E-mail address :
Location :   Sebastian
Comments :   Nice website.
Name: :   Kim Cerreto
Todays date: :   June 2, 2008
E-mail address: :
Location: :   Sebastian Chamber of Commerce
Comments: :   Hi Guys, Thank you for supporting our Concerts in the Park! See you there next month. KC
Name :   Donna Wheeler
Your E-mail Address :
Your Location :   Vero Beach
Comments :   What a wonderful site. Im passing it on to my Grandchildren, and all my other nature loving friends. A Big Thanks
Name :   Diane Gorman
Your E-mail Address :
Your Location :   Sebastian
Comments :   Thanks for the business cards that you gave me last night. I enjoyed the site.
Name :   Pete and Dona Walls
Your E-mail Address :
Your Location :   Sebastian
Comments :   Great Job! Keep up the pictures, we love them.
Name :   Katy
Your Email Address :
Your Location :   lisle IL
Comments :   your website is so cool.My Grandma and Grandpa live on Easy street.They are Dona and Pete Walls.seeyou next july
Name :   Scott Nelson
Your Email Address :
Your Location :   Sebastian, FL
Comments :   Great website. I enjoyed it with my kids. It was nice meeting the both of you today and Im looking forward to getting to know you better as my new neighbor.
Name :   Rose & Dudley Young
Your Email Address :
Comments :   Keep up the good work guys. I will contribute when I get some good shots.
Name :   paul&betty
Your Email Address :   paulandbetty10
Comments :   we are friends of MAY COFFEY and glad for help and interest in easy street pond thank jou for your interest.
First Name :   Kelly
Comments :   Thanks for the update. My turtle is still hanging in there.
First Name :   Sheila
Comments :   This area is on my mail route. I truly believe that I have the BEST route at the Sebastian Post Office! What a Great idea to share all of this, to the world.
First Name :   Perry
Comments :   Sunny, Thanks for all the info on the wildlife station. We love your website. Perry & Rena
First Name :   Rose & Dudley Young
Comments :   Enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work.
First Name :   Rose & Dudley
Comments :   Enjoyed your site. Hope you can use some of the photos I sent you. Keep up the good work.
First Name :   Lorraine
Comments :   Im a 5th grade teacher at Treasure Coast Elementary school. I will be using your website in my classroom! Thank you!

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